17 Testimonials



First time I have attended class through online which is very much helpful for my successful career . I learned how to write a winning resume , and how to perform in a GD ,how to crack an interview .I thank Brijesh Sir for giving me a Wonderful opportunity to attend your class .



Dear sir, I worked for Jobsbrij.com for almost 8 months. It had been a great privilege and an astounding experience. The thing I liked most about our company was I never felt I was under anybody, I had this feeling that Its my company too. One of the reason that kept me in our company was that. However, I am so thankful to you as you gave me the opportunity to be a part of something that helps a lot of people. thank you.

Ancy Thankachan


I got placed as RPA Developer in a reputed company through jobsbrij.com, Thank you Brijesh sir for helping me to find my dream job.

Sandra Melvin


I was a member of JobsBrij for a while and it was a great experience. I'm so grateful that I could learn much useful stuff and improve my skills and it has helped me a lot in my later career as well. I enjoyed everything about JobsBrij and I'm proud that I could be a part of a meaningful journey that brings joy and happiness to many people.



I got placed in Vinam Solution's, Kozhikode as SEO Intern. Through Career Pathway YouTube channel and Whatsapp group I came to know about this job and other opportunities. Thank you Sir

Vandana M


I had attended Brijesh Sir' Online Class.It was one of the best classes I have attended. And have learned a lot.

Nandagopal mg


Thank you for a wonderful 10 Days Online Class on Career Development.Please provide these types of classes again.

Deepak Subhash


The 10 Days Online Class on Career Development was really good.Learned about what all relevant details should be included in a CV and Resume and what not, also learned the difference between both as well as the bio data.

Bincy C A


Thank you sir giving the opportunity to attend your class. In this lock down period I was pulling myself inward not so much caring about the future. By attend your class I'm motivated and with the blessing of God I will become successful in life



Sir, Your Online class is very useful for job aspirants like me because many doubts relating interviews ,GD etc resolved by this.I express my thanks to Brijesh Sir for giving us this opportunity.